2018 Wedding trends

Fall is officially here, which means 2018 wedding  trends are now in their full force on planning. Whether you’re attending a few weddings this fall and winter, or planning your own for next summer I bet summer wedding trends are on the brain.The new year brings new ideas for all things wedding, from colors, cocktails to glamorous camping…and more! Here are a few trends I expect you’ll see this summer.

2018 Wedding trends


Glamping inspired wedding themes are popping up all over wedding blogs and pinterest boards. For this theme combine rustic, beach or woodland settings and decor with elegant touches and personal, carefree elements that play off the idea of camping. The uniqueness of this trend is to pair rustic items with elegant table settings and romantic lighting, bringing the luxury of indoor amenities to your rustic locale.

Photo: When Elephant met Zebra via Little Gray Station



Brilliant tones of orange, dynamic purple and rich yellow pop against muted beige and cream in the Mediterranean color palette. Creating the bold colors and style for this trend look is possible by adjusting colors of flowers or accessories to give the necessary contrast between bold colors and muted hues to create a punch of summer colors!

Photo: Sara and Rocky Photography via Southern Weddings Magazine


Summer drinks galore

Signature sips at wedding receptions have been on the rise, so naturally we’ve been curious how the trend will evolve as couples make it their own. We’ve been loving the witty “his” and “hers” drink selections, but now there’s a whole new twist: two cocktails become one!

Photo: Chloe Browne – Caught the Light, Planner Joanna Loukaki

As you can see, 2018 summer weddings tend to take on characteristics of the season itself – outdoorsy, organic and fresh.


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