Destination wedding tips

Destination wedding do’s and don’ts

Have you set your heart on an destination wedding? Grab a pencil and paper and start writing down your destination wedding’s do’s and don’ts of your special day!

Let the fun begin!

Photo: Manes Pangalos

So where have you always wanted your special day to take place? Set your mind on your dream site and make it come true! Find the best wedding location that meets your needs and budget.
Create a timeline for every important person that will take part in your wedding! It’s necessary to keep your photographers and video people in a date and time manner, so that everyone knows where to be and when.
Organize a bonding day with all your loved ones at the resort where the wedding will take place. Try a spa day for all the ladies and golf rounds for all the gentlemen. Welcome activities which will allow you and your guests the opportunity to meet each other before the wedding day itself. This ‘bonding’ is important to a fluid wedding reception where everyone feels relaxed in each other’s company. You will find that many of your guests will become friends with each other after such an intimate weekend. Activities can be (but not limited to), barbecue, cocktail party, daily or sunset cruise, wine-tasting, cooking classes, etc.
Make a lovely reunion by booking reservations for all your guests at the same restaurant your wedding dinner took place, there’s nothing like a couple of hours binding over red wine and gourmet plates!
Bring out your creative self and put together welcome bags awaiting your guests in their rooms. If your wedding destination is at a warm and sunny island,then sunscreen and flip-flops are always a number one necessity to include!

Don’ts: We understand, it’s you big day and the nervousness might want to overwhelm you, don’t let it! Take some time to relax and enjoy the place that you are for that one and only day with your spouse, it’s not everyday you get married!
This day in both your lives is the most important, so don’t underpay. Don’t promise your guests discounts, invite them in confidence that you have made the perfect choice, which is followed by a cost. Furthermore, see your wedding as your guests vacation also, so don’t be offended if they can’t all attend group activities.
Although all your guests would love to be at your wedding destination celebrating with you, don’t be upset if some won’t be able to make it. Those who are extremely important to you, make sure that they have a heads up about your big day earlier so they won’t miss out! Lastly, this “don’t” is a big one, probably few know.
Make sure to remove all the “Made in China” labels from the items, if you are planning to send wedding favors them out ahead of time. If this label isn’t removed and revealed at customs you could be charged with a “anti-dumpty duty”, in other words a fee that is designed to give countries the right to act against goods that are sold for less than their normal value.

Be aware of all these don’ts and start planning with all your do’s!

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