Wedding Hair and Makeup

You’ve got the dress sorted, now it’s time to think about wedding beauty…

When choosing vendors, it can be challenging enough as you searching through tons of local vendors and trying to find the right fit for you.

Many brides are used to having individual artists for other services, such as brows, eyelashes, nails, spray tans, as well as hair and makeup. Now imagine that you are in the Greek Islands where you aren’t familiar with the local vendors and local wedding trends – tough huh? It doesn’t have to be. So leave the worrying to us! We are sharing tips to help you when booking your wedding hair and make up services for your destination wedding.

wedding hair and makeup

Ask for referrals and advice from your wedding planner: That’s what your planner is there for! We have relationships with vendors across in most of the wedding locations in Greece and know of many vendors that also travel. Ask our feedback and recommendations and you’ll be looking just as stunning as your Pinterest inspiration photos in no time, no matter where you’re celebrating.

The research doesn’t stop there though! You definitely need to understand the climate, humidity levels, wind, wedding style and longevity needed for your dream hair and makeup choices.

Be prepared: Pre-wedding prep is probably one of the most under rated but important parts of any destination wedding hair and makeup.

Look for realistic inspiration photos of models (or real brides) who have similar hair texture and color to yours so you can get a better idea of how a style will look on the important day.

Once you decide on a style, start growing out your hair six months before the wedding, scheduling regular trims and avoiding any major changes three months before the big day. Also, it doesn’t hurt to bring along a set of extensions to add length or volume, in case the salon or stylist doesn’t have an extra set.

And please note, Instagram can lead to false hopes. Most of the looks you see are highly filtered. Lastly, be comfortable with your artist; she is there for you and wants you to feel your best. If there is something you would like to change, feel free to tell her.

Go natural: For a beach ceremony, we recommend hair either up or pulled back, that way brides and bridesmaids will look stunning in photos and don’t have to worry about the ocean breeze blowing strands of hair in their faces. For makeup, we recommend to go for natural looks as the warm and humid climate can take its toll quickly on heavy makeup. Airbrush makeup is a very popular solution to ensure a longer-lasting radiant look.

Use sunscreen: Couples usually arrive a few days prior to the wedding at the resorts and might not be used to the hot sun, which is why we recommend to use plenty of sunscreen—especially during those first days to avoid sunburns. While it will look great to have a sun-kissed tan in the wedding pictures, keep in mind that the sun is very strong and can easily be underestimated.

Do as many trials as possible: Destination weddings don’t have the luxury of makeup and hair trials months or weeks in advance and last minute changes will help put your mind at ease for when the big day comes. 

Squeeze in as many tryouts as you can during trips for site visits or catering tastings. Arrive a few days in advance to do a trial before the big day. If you are lucky enough to pencil in two hair consultations, using the first to meet with the stylist to craft a plan you’re happy with. The second consultation would then act as a dress rehearsal, complete with accessories you plan on wearing at the wedding.

If you aren’t opting for a trial, definitely send your stylists a range of inspiration photos to give them an exact idea of what you’re looking for on the day.

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