Elopement in Greece – Small Intimate Destination Weddings

Size really does matter. And when it comes to weddings, an elopement in Greece, a small intimate destination wedding in the Greek Islands may actually be better.

If you’re thinking of an elopement in Greece but have questions on the mind, we’re here to help.

Small and intimate destination weddings

When it comes to wedding celebrations, many of our couples agree: size matters. Fewer people can mean a more personal and intimate celebration. There is more time for the bride and groom to spend with their guests, the families really get to know one another, and everyone contributes to the event in his or her own way. Intimate celebrations, it seems, have certain advantages. Here, are the facts behind small wedding celebrations.

Destination Weddings
You can eliminate lots of griping from de-listed guests if your wedding is taking place very far away. Consider a wonderful celebration in the Greek Islands. Use the small number of your nearest and dearest to your advantage: stay at a small hotel on the beach. Stretching the festivities out to three or four days of cruising, brunching, and partying all adds up to a fabulous destination wedding, and a chance to really bond with your guests.

Santorini Elopement – Greek Island Wedding

Keep to a Smaller Budget
You might decide that a four-course dinner for 50 is better than a buffet for 100. Some couples having fewer than 75 guests have cut their guest lists to the bare minimum in order to maximize their budgets having everything just the way they envision the day.

Treat Your Guests Well
A small wedding gives you the chance to really go all out. Perhaps your rehearsal dinner can be more elaborate and take place in a wine cellar with a wine-pairing for each course. Keeping numbers small means that the extra details, like providing transfer service, loaded gift baskets, and five-course feasts for your guests, are suddenly more accessible.

Greek wedding – Santorini elopement

Pay Attention to the Details
Often when a pair is planning a small wedding they’re inclined not to hire a wedding planner. Warning: smaller is not synonymous with simpler. When the wedding is small, every detail is noticed, so careful attention to detail is called for. There is no hiding behind the crowd at a small celebration – goofs and gaffes that might have gone unnoticed with 200 people milling around but will be painfully obvious with 50 and under.

Limit the Guest List
Do you find yourself agonizing over the guest list thinking who and why? Not wanting to deal with a sea of unfamiliar faces on such an emotional day, some couples decide to limit their lists agreeing that a smaller celebration can create a more joyful atmosphere. The guests attending a smaller destination wedding are there to offer their love and support to the bride and groom not just on their wedding day, but every day of their lives which makes for a meaningful, love-filled day.

Bonus: There are so many creative options for locations when one is not trying to accommodate hundreds of guests. There are unique restaurants, rustic wineries, charming guesthouses, private estates, settings with exquisite views and gardens, natural or fancy.

Destination Elopement – Wedding in Santorini

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